The Repair Shop is My 2019 Honda Accord’s New Home


By Suzanne Henderson
LETTER 37 – September 2022 | Perturbed And Ignored

Dear Suzanne, 

I’d like you to meet my vehicle that seems to prefer the dealer’s shop to my home. I own a 2019 Honda Accord that I purchased new and it currently has no more than 50,000 miles. The problems first began with an electrical issue when all the dashboard warning lights went on. 

What happened exactly was that I went to a store to get some groceries. Then, I came out and tried to turn on the car, but it did not come on. I tried it again and that was when the dashboard lit up. When this happened, warning lights like power, tire, engine, etc were repeatedly flashing. The car then notified me that the dealer had to be contacted to check out the car. I had to call a friend to come pick me up, because the car failed to respond after that.



When I took it to the Honda dealership, they inspected it and all they had to say was I was unlucky. Really?! So nothing is wrong with the car? My car broke down and all you can say is that it was a result of bad luck? Wow! I guess I might need a lucky penny anytime I drive now. Anyhow, it took them a week to return my car and when they did, they said it was in good condition.

While I was driving home from the dealership, I decided to take a detour and branch into a car wash. When I was done there, I tried turning on the car, but once again, the same problem. The engine did not turn on, but instead the dashboard lit up. I called back the dealer, but no one answered my call so I had to leave a couple of messages. I then had to call a tow company to get my car out of the car wash to the dealer.

At the dealer’s shop, they did not tell me what exactly was wrong with the vehicle. They only said that it could take from a day to 6 months to fix my car. Wonderful! And what was I meant to be driving till then? 

When they initially told me that I would have to wait a long while to get my car back, I told them at the dealer that I needed a car to do my work. They told me not to worry that someone would get back to me. Well, so far now no one has gotten back to me. I even called them at the dealership and they kind of brushed me off. I felt so hurt. What happened to good customer care?! 

Right now, it’s been over a month that my car has been at the dealership. They claim that they are awaiting a particular car part to be shipped in and even then, it would take some time to do the replacement and all. My issue now is what if there’s something else wrong with the vehicle besides the electrical system which the dealer may not be telling me?

I later reached out to Honda Financial to explain the whole situation to them. They said I might be qualified to skip a payment for one time, but it is not a guarantee that I would be approved to do this. Honda further said that I could only do this once a year. And so, I’m in the process of skipping payment for this month, maybe. 

Moreover, when I first took the car to the dealer, I had to pay $100. I don’t know why that happened since I was initially told that my warranty still covered any repairs at that time. All I know is I paid $100 for a car that was not fully repaired. Now, it seems my car will be at the dealer’s shop for a very long while. 

At this point, I just need some relief from all these car troubles. Is that possible or is it just wishful thinking? 

Perturbed And Ignored

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Your Dealership Might Just Be Plain Incompetent

Dear Perturbed And Ignored, 

I’m sorry to hear your dealership is treating you this way. Although repeated car problems may sometimes not be the fault of the dealership, it doesn’t sound like that with your dealer. In your case, it seems like your dealer is only out for your money and not to get your vehicle fixed. Either that or they are not competent enough to make the necessary repairs. Also, it is fishy to hear that your dealer requires that you pay $100 to repair your vehicle while it is still under warranty. 

Lemon owners, like you, are eligible for lemon law cases when they have gone to the dealership at least two times to repair the same issue. Also, visiting the dealer 3 times or more qualifies you for a lemon law case as well. Now, since you have repeatedly visited the dealership for the same issue, you definitely qualify for a lemon law case. Moreover, since these visits occurred within your manufacturer warranty, you are more than qualified. 

Unfortunately, these issues are quite common with Honda vehicles. It usually begins with engine light issues which later trickles down to engine or transmission problems. Also, since it’s already happening now, there’s more probability that the issues would multiply and worsen over time. However, since your vehicle has just 50,000 miles on it, you shouldn’t be experiencing any of these issues.   

This is why building a good lemon case is important. Lemon law allows victims of defective vehicles to get the justice they deserve. There are two options available to every lemon owner, of which you can pick one depending on your preference.

The first option is called the buyback. The buyback simply means that the automakers pay you back for the vehicle. They also would be paying out nearly all the money you have spent on your vehicle. This includes your down payment and your monthly payments. Also, your tax and interests are included in this as well. So ultimately, almost all that you have paid on the vehicle will be refunded. 

The only thing that can affect how much you get is what is known as the mileage offset. The mileage offset implies the right of the manufacturer to charge you for the number of miles you drove the vehicle with no issues. And this would be based on your mileage during your first visit to the dealer. However, regardless of the mileage you were at this time, your attorney could argue the case so that Honda waives this deduction in full or half. Learn more about the Honda buyback process, how it works, eligibility criteria, and more.

The second option available to you as a lemon owner is the cash and keep. This option allows you to receive cash compensation from the manufacturer for the issues you are having while you still keep the vehicle. With this, your warranty remains valid and will not be voided or canceled. Also, you get the chance to sell off your vehicle, whenever you decide to do so, without labeling it a lemon to the next owner.

Furthermore, since you mentioned that you purchased your vehicle in California, there is some good news for you. In California, lemon law cases are usually taken on contingency, meaning you are not required to pay the attorney fees. Usually, the law firm’s bills are settled by the manufacturers whether the case is won or not. As a result, 100% of the settlement will be going over to you. 

To get started on your lemon law case, all you need to do is contact a lemon law attorney. You will be required to submit the necessary documents such as purchase order, repair order, etc to process your case. While your case is in the works, it is expedient that you continue to drive your vehicle and make your monthly payments just as before. 

Additionally, if you have any issues with the car, visit the dealer. This is because the more you visit the dealer due to a fault, the more compensation you can expect. If you need more clarification, discuss with your lawyer.


Vehicle owner frustrated with lemon car

Free Legal Advice About Your 2019 Honda Accord Law Claim

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