Buick Lemon Law Process: What You Need To Know


Are the constant repairs on your defective Buick causing you stress and frustration? We recognize the challenges and hardships you’re experiencing. No car owner should have to contend with a lemon and feel powerless to resolve the issue.

In this guide, we will provide you with the necessary information to effectively tackle your lemon car problem and pursue financial compensation through the California Lemon Law.

We’ll cover the Buick Lemon Law 4-step claims process, possible settlement options, eligibility for compensation, and common defects found in Buick vehicles. Additionally, we’ll outline the specific car models affected by these issues and what to expect if you win your Buick Lemon Law claim.


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Buick Lemon Law: How Does It Work?

Under the California Lemon Law, also known as the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, when a consumer happens to purchase or lease a defective Buick, the company is legally obligated to remedy the situation by:

  • Repairing the defective vehicle;
  • Providing a replacement vehicle;
  • Buying back or repurchasing the defective vehicle;
  • Or, by paying the consumer a cash settlement.

The California Lemon Law applies to both newly purchased or leased vehicles and used Buick vehicles, provided that the defects were detected and necessary repairs were conducted within the vehicle’s original warranty period.


Is Your Buick A Lemon?

What makes a car a lemon? How do you qualify for compensation under California Lemon Law?

For your Buick to be considered a lemon and qualify for compensation, these three elements must be present:

  • Firstly, the defects or issues in your Buick should have a significant adverse impact on the vehicle’s use, functionality, safety, and its resale value.
  • Secondly, Buick or GM (the parent company) must have been made aware of these defects and given an opportunity to address and rectify them. However, despite having been given multiple chances to fix the issues, Buick must have failed to do so. Meeting the legal standards typically requires a minimum number of repair visits, which will be further explained in the following section.
  • Finally, the problem must have occurred or was detected during the vehicle’s warranty period. Without a valid written warranty from Buick, you have no case.


Buick Lemon Law: Required Number of Repair Visits

In California, the law requires that the auto manufacturer must have been given the chance to make a reasonable number of repair attempts to fix the defective vehicle. For your Buick to be considered a lemon, it must have been brought back to the dealership for repairs:

  • At Least Two Times for Safety Issues. The car must have undergone repairs at the dealership on a minimum of two occasions specifically for significant safety defects. These defects may include issues with steering, transmission, suspension, and other critical concerns that compromise the vehicle’s safety.
  • At Least Four Times for Non-Safety Issues: The vehicle should have been brought to a Buick dealership at least four times to address non-safety related issues affecting its performance, comfort, or other non-critical aspects.
  • For Over 30 Days: The combined total duration of time the vehicle has spent at the dealership for repairs related to a combination of defects should exceed 30 days.

If you meet any of these conditions during the first 18 months or within 18,000 miles of owning your car, your Buick is automatically considered to be eligible for protection under the Lemon Law. This concept is commonly referred to as the Legal Presumption of Lemon Law.

Regardless of any delays in filing your case or if the issues with your car arise after the initial 18 months or 18,000 miles, you still retain your rights as a consumer to pursue a claim. Moreover, your car may still be eligible for compensation beyond this timeframe if the defects or issues with your car originated at any time during the warranty period.

Buick’s Limited Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covers a period of 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, while their Powertrain Limited Warranty extends coverage to 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

For more detailed information about your Buick’s warranty options, please visit Buick’s official Warranty and Protection Plans page.


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Common Buick Vehicle Defects

Although each Buick model may display distinct defects, there are common issues that have been observed across various models. Below are a few examples of these recurring problems:

  • Transmission Problems: Buick owners have reported various transmission-related issues, such as frequent shifting problems, rough shifting, slipping gears, and even complete transmission failures. These problems can lead to a loss of power, difficulty in accelerating, and potentially unsafe driving conditions.
  • Electrical System Issues: Buick vehicles have also been reported to have various electrical system problems. These can include malfunctioning power windows, non-functional interior or exterior lights, issues with the infotainment system, or electrical shorts causing fuses to blow.
  • Inaccurate Fuel Gauges: Many Buick owners have encountered problems with their fuel gauges providing incorrect readings, leading to inaccurate fuel level information. This defect can result in drivers running out of fuel unexpectedly or causing unnecessary refueling.

These problems are just a small representation of the range of issues that have been reported in Buick vehicles. It is possible that you may be experiencing a different problem specifically related to your Buick.

The important thing to remember is that any persisting or repeating defect that significantly hampers the use, safety, or market value of your vehicle can potentially provide valid grounds for initiating a Lemon Law complaint.


Buick Vehicle Models Covered By Lemon Law

In California, the Lemon Law is designed to safeguard consumers against defective vehicles. If you own one of the following Buick models, you may be eligible for coverage under the Lemon Law:

  • Buick Enclave
  • Buick Encore GX
  • Buick Envision
  • Buick Envista

If you are a California resident and currently own a defective Buick vehicle (any of the above-mentioned models), there is a potential opportunity for compensation if your vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty.

Lemon Lawyers specializes in assisting Buick owners with their Lemon Law claims, particularly for Buick models from specific model years:

  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024

It is crucial to note that the eligibility for filing a claim depends on the exact model years specified above, as California enforces a Statute of Limitations or time limit for Lemon Law claims. Earlier Buick models that the company discontinued selling in North America after 2019, may no longer meet the criteria for compensation.


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The Buick Lemon Law Claims Process: A 4-Step Plan

If you’re wondering how to file a lemon law claim in California, the Buick Lemon Law process under California’s Lemon Law is typically a simple, four-step procedure:

Step 1: Know If You Have A Valid Case

The initial and pivotal step is to ascertain definitively whether you have a viable case. Fortunately, most lemon law attorneys in the state offer complimentary initial consultations, providing you with the opportunity to consult with a legal specialist and have your circumstances evaluated.

Once it is determined that you possess a strong case, you can then proceed to engage the services of an experienced California Lemon Law attorney. The presence of a skilled lawyer at your side can have a significant impact in achieving a favorable resolution.

Step 2: Build Up Your Case

At this stage, your attorney will provide guidance regarding your next steps and the specific documents to be submitted in order to fortify your Buick lemon law claim.

To establish a strong case, it is essential to gather sufficient evidence, predominantly in the form of repair documentation.

Maintaining accurate records of all repair visits is crucial to validate the credibility of your claim. These records serve as tangible evidence of the issues encountered with your Buick. The repair orders and invoices provided by the Buick dealership at each visit will play a vital role in fortifying your case. Additionally, other significant documents such as warranty papers and related receipts may also be necessary to bolster your claim.

If, for any reason, the number of repair visits does not meet the requirement specified by the lemon law, your attorney may advise you to return the vehicle to the Buick dealership for further repairs. This step ensures that you adhere to the necessary criteria for pursuing your lemon law claim.

Step 3: File Your Claim

After gathering all vital documentary evidence and ensuring compliance with legal requirements, your attorney will initiate the formal process of filing a lawsuit.

At our firm, we highly recommend that our clients proceed with legal action as it garners substantial attention from Buick once the case is officially submitted in court. Buick/GM is then legally bound to treat your claim with utmost seriousness and adhere to strict court-mandated timelines for responding to your compensation request.

Step 4:Obtain a Settlement

Once the lawsuit is filed, there are two potential outcomes to consider: either reaching a mutually agreed settlement with Buick/General Motors or opting to proceed with a trial.

Negotiated Settlement

No competent Lemon Law attorney in California will file a claim without substantial supporting evidence. It just doesn’t happen.

In order to maximize the chances of a favorable resolution, a skilled Lemon Law attorney will meticulously ensure that all necessary requirements are fulfilled before advancing the claim.

Manufacturers are acutely aware of these stringent criteria and, in many cases, prefer to pursue a negotiated settlement rather than embarking on a costly and lengthy legal battle that carries the risks of an unfavorable outcome.

Proceeding to Trial

However, if the proposed settlement offer from Buick is determined to be unsatisfactory, your attorney may advise proceeding with a trial. The aim is to secure a more advantageous settlement agreement, guaranteeing that you receive just compensation for your defective Buick.

No Win – No Fee

One of the remarkable aspects of this plan is that you will not have to bear any financial burdens for the services of an attorney. In fact, you can secure the expertise of a highly skilled Lemon Law attorney to represent you right now without incurring any legal expenses.

In accordance with the Lemon Law in California, the auto manufacturer, such as Buick in this case, is legally obliged to cover the costs of attorney’s fees as part of the settlement. Lemon Law attorneys operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning that the auto manufacturer is responsible for paying their fees, and they only receive payment if they successfully win your case.


Possible Buick Lemon Law Settlement Offers

There are a number of options available for Buick to compensate you for your defective vehicle. These options include Buyback or Repurchase, Vehicle Replacement, and Cash and Keep Settlement.

Buick Buyback or Repurchase

Buick or General Motors may propose a buyback or a repurchase settlement offer to compensate you for your defective vehicle. In the following section, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of what is included in the Buick Lemon Law buyback settlement.

Vehicle Replacement

Instead of proposing a repurchase of your defective vehicle, Buick may offer to replace the problematic car with a perfectly working vehicle with the same make and model that meets the Lemon Law coverage requirements. Electing this option will allow you to acquire a fully functional vehicle without the persistent issues that you have gone through.

Cash and Keep Settlement

Alternatively, you may opt for a cash settlement where Buick compensates you for the reduced value of the vehicle due to its ongoing problems. This outcome would enable you to keep the car while also receiving financial compensation.

It’s essential to note that the settlement offers are specific to the circumstances of your case and are subject to ongoing discussions between you and Buick.


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What is the Buick Lemon Law Buyback Settlement?

The Buick Lemon Law buyback settlement is one of the methods by which the company can compensate you for your defective vehicle. A buyback occurs when Buick agrees to repurchase the defective vehicle from the customer and provides a settlement amount that includes the following:

  • The initial purchase price of the vehicle.
  • Sales taxes and financing charges paid.
  • Vehicle registration fees.
  • Monthly payments already made.
  • Outstanding balance on the car loan.
  • Repair-related expenses.
  • Expenses related to towing and alternate transportation costs.
  • Additional civil penalties if imposed by the court.
  • Reasonable legal fees and court-filing costs.


How Does The Buick Buyback Program Work?

The buyback settlement provided by Buick under Lemon Law presents an avenue for customers who have procured a faulty vehicle from the manufacturer to avail themselves of cash compensation through a repurchase or buyback agreement.

How do I get Buick to buy back my vehicle?

To be eligible for a buyback compensation, certain criteria need to be met by your Buick, as detailed in the preceding sections. Furthermore, you will need to file a claim under the Lemon Law to initiate this process.

Is Buick buyback similar to a trade-in deal?

No. The Buick Lemon Law buyback is different from a conventional car trade-in. When you engage in a trade-in, you essentially exchange your old vehicle, factoring in its current depreciated market value, in return for a discount towards the purchase of a new one.

However, in the case of a Buick lemon law buyback, the approach is entirely different. If your Buick qualifies as a lemon and is eligible for compensation, Buick will repurchase your vehicle and provide a reimbursement amount that includes the original purchase price along with all the associated expenses mentioned earlier. This unique approach ensures that you receive full compensation for your investment in the car and whatever losses incurred due to its defects, leaving you free from any financial burden.


Talk to a Buick Lemon Law Attorney Today

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Scheduling a free initial consultation with a lemon law attorney is the first step towards finding a resolution to your defective Buick issue.

During this consultation, your attorney will carefully evaluate the merits of your case, considering the unique circumstances surrounding your situation. Based on this evaluation, they will develop a personalized legal strategy that meets your specific needs.

Throughout the entire process, your attorney will offer guidance and regular updates, ensuring that you are kept informed and aware of the progress of your case.

We understand the frustration and overwhelming nature of dealing with a defective vehicle. However, you no longer need to endure this situation. It is time to take action and pursue the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Remember, the law is in place to protect consumers like you, and you have the right to not be stuck with a lemon.


Winning Your Buick Lemon Law Claim: What To Expect

Best Possible Outcome

The Buick Lemon Law buyback is the best possible outcome for those seeking compensation for their defective Buick vehicle. This settlement not only entitles you to a full reimbursement of the purchase price, but it also covers additional expenses incurred during the repair process.

No More Stress

By securing this settlement, you can relieve yourself of the burden of dealing with a defective vehicle and look forward to purchasing a brand-new car that is completely free of defects. Imagine being able to live free of the stress and frustration that comes with frequent repairs.

Consumer Rights Protection

By filing and winning your Buick claim, you are actively contributing to the advancement of consumer rights in California. As a car owner, you deserve quality in the products you invest your money in. It is the responsibility of companies like Buick to deliver products that meet the expectations of consumers such as yourself.


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Buick 2024 LogoBuick is one of the oldest automobile brands in the world, having been started by automotive pioneer David Dunbar Buick in 1899. A division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors (GM), Buick is the oldest active automobile brand in the United States.

Today, Buick is positioned as a premium automobile brand, offering luxury vehicles that sit above Chevrolet but below the flagship luxury Cadillac division. Buick vehicles are often sold alongside GMC vehicles at multi-brand dealerships in North America.

Some of the most common issues associated with Buick cars include inaccurate fuel gauges, transmission issues, electrical issues, and engine issues.

However, according to the 2022 Consumer Reports rankings, Buick earned an above-average reliability rating and is ranked 11th out of the 32 car brands. While not as reliable as brands like Toyota and Mazda, Buick still received the highest rating for an American brand, above Chevrolet and Ford.