Porsche Lemon Law Buyback Settlement Information


Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the constant need for repairs on your defective Porsche? We understand the frustration and challenges you’re facing. No car owner should have to deal with a lemon and feel powerless to resolve the issue.

In this comprehensive article, we will provide you with the information you need to effectively resolve your lemon car problem and seek financial compensation under the California Lemon Law.

We will cover essential details about the Porsche Lemon Law buyback program, including qualifications for compensation and common defects found in Porsche vehicles. Additionally, we will discuss which car models are affected by these issues.

To assist you further, we have designed a 4-Step Plan, which we will outline, to help you file a Porsche Lemon Law claim in California. Our aim is to ensure that you understand your rights and have a clear path forward in resolving your lemon car problem and obtaining the compensation you deserve.


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What is the Porsche Lemon Law Buyback Option?

Under the California Lemon Law, also known as the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, customers who have purchased or leased a defective Porsche are eligible for a remedy known as a buyback or repurchase. This legal option provides compensation to consumers by effectively refunding the vehicle’s purchase or lease amount.

The Porsche Lemon Law buyback settlement occurs when Porsche agrees to repurchase the defective vehicle from the customer and provides a settlement amount that includes the following:

  • The initial purchase price of the vehicle.
  • Sales taxes and financing charges paid.
  • Vehicle registration fees.
  • Monthly payments already made.
  • Outstanding balance on the car loan.
  • Repair-related expenses.
  • Expenses related to towing and alternate transportation costs.
  • Additional civil penalties if imposed by the court.
  • Reasonable legal fees and court-filing costs.

In a Lemon Law claim, you can pursue a buyback settlement outcome through three options:

  • Negotiating with Porsche.
  • Winning a favorable court decision.
  • Participating in arbitration proceedings with the company.

In the next sections, we will now dig deeper into the buyback process and explore the criteria for eligibility to obtain compensation.


How Does The Porsche Buyback Program Work?

The Porsche Lemon Law buyback settlement offers customers who have acquired a defective vehicle from the car manufacturer the opportunity to receive cash compensation through a repurchase or buyback arrangement.

This arrangement may apply to both newly purchased or leased vehicles and used Porsche vehicles, provided that the defects were detected and necessary repairs were conducted within the vehicle’s original warranty period.

How do I get Porsche to buy back my vehicle?

In order to qualify for compensation under this program, your Porsche must meet specific requirements. We will discuss these requirements in detail in the following section. Additionally, you must file a Lemon Law claim to initiate this process.

When submitting a claim, there are two important points to consider:

  • Firstly, the defects or issues in your Porsche should have a significant adverse impact on the vehicle’s use, functionality, safety, and its resale value.
  • Secondly, Porsche must have been made aware of these defects and given an opportunity to address and rectify them. However, despite having been given multiple chances to fix the issues, Porsche must have failed to do so. Meeting the legal standards typically requires a minimum number of repair visits, which will be further explained in the following section.

Is Porsche buyback just another name for a trade-in deal?

No, a Porsche lemon buyback differs from a car trade-in. When you engage in a car trade-in, you are essentially exchanging your old vehicle, taking into account its current depreciated market value, in order to receive a discount towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

In the case of a Porsche lemon law buyback, the process takes an entirely different approach. If your Porsche meets the criteria to be considered a lemon and is eligible for compensation, Porsche will repurchase your car and provide a reimbursement for the entire amount you originally paid plus all related expenses outlined above.

In the following section, we will examine the specific criteria that your Porsche must meet to be classified as a lemon and to qualify for compensation.


Does Your Porsche Qualify for a Lemon Law Buyback?

To be eligible for compensation under the California Lemon Law, a Porsche vehicle with defects must satisfy one or more of the following specific criteria:

  • Two Visits for Safety Issues: The car must have been brought to the dealership for repairs on at least two occasions due to a significant safety defect. Examples of such safety defects may include steering problems, transmission issues, suspension defects, and other critical concerns that compromise the vehicle’s safety.
  • Four Visits for Non-Safety Issues: The vehicle must have been brought to a Porsche dealership for repairs at least four times for issues that are non-safety related. These are non-safety related issues that affect the vehicle’s performance, comfort, or other non-critical aspects.
  • Over 30 Days at the Garage: The vehicle must have spent a cumulative total of more than 30 days at the dealership for repairs related to a combination of defects.

If you meet any of these conditions during the first 18 months or within 18,000 miles of owning your car, the law assumes that your Porsche qualifies for protection under the Lemon Law. This concept is known as the Legal Presumption of Lemon Law.

Now, even if you experience delays in filing your case or if the issues with your car arise after the initial 18 months or 18,000 miles, you still retain your rights as a consumer to pursue a claim. In fact, your car may still be eligible for compensation beyond this timeframe if the defects or issues with your car originated during the warranty period.

Porsche’s 4-year or 50,000-mile (80,000 km) New Vehicle Warranty begins on the date the car is first delivered to the first retail purchaser. For used vehicles, the Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty is 2 years unlimited miles and will commence upon expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty by months or miles whichever comes first.

For more detailed information about Porsche’s warranty options, please visit Porsche’s official Warranty Information page.


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Common Porsche Vehicle Defects

While different Porsche models may exhibit unique defects, there are certain recurring issues that have been observed across multiple models. Here are some examples of these persistent problems:

  • Check engine light (CEL): This is a common problem in modern vehicles, including Porsches, where the check engine light illuminates due to various faults or malfunctions in the engine system.
  • Air oil separator failures: This is a known issue in Porsches where the air oil separator, responsible for separating oil from the air in the engine, can fail and lead to oil leaks.
  • Oil leaks: Porsche vehicles have been known to experience oil leaks, which can be caused by various factors such as faulty gaskets, seals, or other engine components.
  • Coolant leaks: Some Porsche models have reported coolant leaks, which can be attributed to issues with coolant hoses, radiators, or water pumps.
  • Transmission problems: Certain Porsche models have been associated with transmission issues, including failures or malfunctions in the transmission system.
  • Suspension issues: Suspension problems, such as squeaks, rattles, or failures, have also been reported in Porsche vehicles.

Please note that these are just a few examples of the types of problems that have been reported in Porsche vehicles. You may be encountering a different issue specific to your Porsche.

However, it is important to understand that any persistent or repeating defect that substantially impairs the use, safety, or resale value of your vehicle can potentially serve as grounds for filing a Lemon Law complaint.


Porsche Car Models Covered By Lemon Law

The Lemon Law in California serves to protect consumers from faulty vehicles. These specific Porsche models are eligible for coverage under the Lemon Law:

Porsche Cayman Mid-Engine Coupé
Porsche Boxster Mid-Engine Roadster
Porsche Panamera Luxury Sedan
Porsche Cayenne Luxury SUV
Porsche Macan Compact Crossover SUV
Porsche 911 Luxury Sports Car
Porsche Taycan Electric Sedan

If you are a resident of California and currently own a defective Porsche vehicle (in any of the models listed), which is still covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty, there is a possibility that you could be entitled to compensation.

At our firm, we specialize in helping Porsche owners with their Lemon Law claims. Specifically, we extend our support to owners of Porsche models from the following years:

  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  • 2024

It is important to note that we specify the exact model years that are eligible to file a claim. This is necessary because California enforces a Statute of Limitations when it comes to Lemon Law claims. As a result, earlier Porsche models may no longer meet the eligibility criteria for compensation.


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The Porsche Buyback Process: A 4-Step Plan

If you’re wondering how to file a lemon law claim in California, the Porsche buyback process under California’s Lemon Law is typically a simple, four-step procedure:

Step 1: Determine If You Have A Valid Case

To successfully navigate the lemon law process in California, it is crucial to begin with a thorough evaluation of your case. Thankfully, the majority of lemon lawyers in the state offer complimentary initial consultations, giving you the opportunity to consult with a legal expert and have them assess your situation.

Upon confirming that you have a strong case, you will then have the ability to make an informed decision about hiring an experienced California Lemon Law attorney. Having a skilled lawyer by your side can make a significant impact on your journey towards a favorable resolution. Whether you choose to pursue a settlement through negotiation with Porsche or explore alternative means, an attorney’s expertise and guidance can greatly enhance your chances of achieving the outcome you seek.

Step 2: Submit Evidence

In order to build a strong case for your Porsche lemon law claim, it is crucial to gather sufficient evidence, primarily in the form of repair documents.

To ensure the credibility of your claim, it is essential to maintain accurate documentation of all your repair visits. These documents serve as tangible proof of the issues you have encountered with your Porsche. Repair orders and invoices provided by the Porsche dealership each time you visit for repairs will play a vital role in supporting your case. Additionally, other important documents such as warranty papers and repair-related receipts may also be necessary to bolster your claim.

If, for any reason, the number of repair visits does not meet the requirement set by the lemon law, your attorney might advise you to return the vehicle to the Porsche dealership for additional repairs. By doing so, you can fulfill the necessary criteria for pursuing your lemon law claim. Your attorney will guide you through this process to ensure that you meet the legal standards for seeking compensation.

Step 3: File Your Claim

Once you have collected all the necessary documentary evidence and fulfilled the legal requirements, your attorney will initiate the process of filing a lawsuit.

At our firm, we strongly advise our clients to pursue their case through legal action because once the case is officially filed in court, Porsche will be obliged to take your claim seriously and adhere to a strict timeline mandated by the court in responding to your compensation claim.

Step 4:Obtain a Settlement

After the lawsuit is filed, there are two potential outcomes: reaching a negotiated settlement with Porsche or proceeding to trial.

Out of Court Settlement

In reality, pursuing a Lemon Law claim in California without substantial supporting evidence is unlikely to yield a successful outcome.

To enhance the likelihood of a favorable resolution, a skilled Lemon Law attorney will ensure that all necessary requirements are meticulously met before proceeding with the claim.

Manufacturers are well aware of this and often prefer to negotiate a settlement agreement rather than engage in a costly and protracted legal battle that they may risk losing.

Going to Trial

However, if the proposed settlement offer from Porsche is deemed unsatisfactory, your attorney may recommend moving forward with a trial. The objective is to obtain a more favorable settlement proposal, ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your defective Porsche.


No Win – No Fee

One of the most remarkable aspects of this plan is that you will not bear any financial burdens for the services of your attorney. The fact is, you can secure the expertise of a highly skilled Lemon Law attorney to represent you right now without incurring any legal expenses.

In the state of California, the Lemon Law dictates that the auto manufacturer, such as Porsche in this case, is obligated to bear the costs of the attorney’s fees as part of the settlement. As such, Lemon Law attorneys operate on a “no win, no fee” basis with the auto manufacturer responsible for paying their attorney fees and they only receive payment if they successfully win your case.


Other Possible Porsche Settlement Offers

In addition to the Porsche buyback settlement, there are alternative options available for the auto manufacturer to compensate you for your defective vehicle. These options include Vehicle Replacement and Cash and Keep Settlement.

Vehicle Replacement

Instead of repurchasing the vehicle, Porsche may propose replacing the problematic vehicle with a similar make and model that is free from any defects or issues covered by the Lemon Law. By choosing this alternative, you can obtain a fully functional vehicle that doesn’t have the persistent problems you have encountered.

Cash and Keep Settlement

Another option is a cash settlement, where Porsche offers compensation while allowing you to retain the defective vehicle. This negotiated amount aims to account for the diminished value of the vehicle due to its ongoing issues. This choice provides you with the flexibility to keep the vehicle while also receiving financial compensation for its defects.

It’s important to note that the specific settlement options can vary based on the circumstances of your case and ongoing negotiations with Porsche.

To fully evaluate the available options and pursue the most advantageous resolution for your situation, we strongly recommend seeking the guidance of a Lemon Law attorney. They have the expertise to assist you in navigating the complexities of the process and advocating for your rights and interests.


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When you schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney specializing in lemon law, you are taking the first step towards finding a resolution to your defective vehicle issue.

During this consultation, your attorney will conduct a thorough evaluation of the merits of your case, taking into account the unique circumstances of your situation. Based on this evaluation, they will then customize a legal strategy that is tailored to your specific needs, informing you of the best course of action.

Throughout the entire process, your attorney will offer guidance and regular updates, ensuring that you are always informed and aware of what is happening with your case. This will give you the reassurance that the lemon situation can be addressed and resolved to your satisfaction.

We understand that facing defective vehicles can be frustrating and overwhelming. However, you don’t need to tolerate the situation any longer. It’s time to take action and seek the compensation you rightfully deserve. Remember, the law is designed to protect consumers like you, and as such, it is your right not to be stuck with a lemon.


What To Expect If You Win Your Porsche Lemon Law Claim

Most Favorable Outcome

When it comes to seeking compensation for your defective Porsche vehicle, the Porsche Lemon Law buyback option stands out as the most favorable outcome you can hope for. This option not only allows you to recover the entire purchase price of the vehicle but also provides reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses you incurred during the repair process, such as towing, temporary rental vehicles, and repair costs.

Peace of Mind

By achieving this settlement with the help of your attorney, you can finally be free from the burden of dealing with a defective vehicle. Moreover, this settlement opens up the opportunity for you to purchase a brand-new vehicle that is completely free of defects. Imagine being able to live without the constant stress and frustration that comes with frequent repairs and move forward with your life.

Consumer Rights Protection

It is important to recognize that by taking the necessary steps to file and win your Porsche claim, you are actively contributing to the advancement of consumer rights in California. As a car owner, you deserve to have confidence in the quality of the products you purchase, especially when investing a substantial amount of money in them. Major companies, like Porsche, have a responsibility to deliver high-quality products that meet the expectations of consumers like yourself.


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Porsche logoPorsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans, with headquarters located in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The company, owned by Volkswagen AG, which also owns Audi, has an impressive current lineup consisting of the 718, 911, Panamera, Macan, Cayenne, and Taycan.

Their success in recent years is noteworthy, with Porsche claiming to have the highest profit per unit sold of any car company in the world. In 2015, they sold a total of 218,983 cars, with 28,953 (13.22%) sold domestically in Germany, and the remaining 190,030 (86.78%) sold internationally.

The Porsche brand name has always been synonymous with luxury and racecars, a tradition that has stood the test of time across its over 70-year history. Known for their stunning and timeless designs, Porsche is passionate about merging style and substance seamlessly.

Although they are a reputable car manufacturer, like any other company, Porsche has, at times, encountered instances where vehicles exhibit serious safety concerns during the warranty period. For example, according to a study conducted by the CALPIRG Education Fund, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) Foundation, and Frontier Group from 2018 to 2021, Porsche ranked 9th in California for the highest number of Lemon Law cases per car sold during that period.

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