My 2019 Honda HRV Thinks It’s The Slowmobile

2019 Honda HRV with stranded passengers

By Suzanne Henderson
LETTER 156 – December 2023 | Disappointed in Downey

Dear Suzanne,

The Honda HRV is a very sleek car and the design is unique compared to other models. This is one of the reasons why I opted for this car when I was looking for a vehicle. Besides the obvious compactness and fuel-efficient powertrain, the HRV has much to offer. This is what I was thinking when I bought my 2019 Honda HRV.

However, contrary to what I expected, it turned out that this car was falsely advertised. I’m pretty sure that my vehicle is not the only one with these issues as I’ve seen similar complaints online.

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Let me give you a full run-down of the car. I purchased it brand new at a Honda dealership in California. As of now it has 17,000 miles on it and I’ve installed no aftermarket parts on it. I’ve had no accidents or any other events that could have caused these issues.

The Engine That Always Quits

The problem with this vehicle has something to do with the powertrain. Oftentimes when I press on the gas pedal, there is no response. Instead, it’s more like the vehicle reduces speed which is the opposite of what it should be doing. This has put me in several questionable and dangerous positions. In addition, as if dealing with this issue is not enough, I’ve also had to deal with the back panel making a sound of glass rattling.

On one occasion specifically, these issues came together to complicate an otherwise simple situation. The background to this story is that I work as a driver, besides my day job. On this particular day I was driving a passenger to his school. He had a test that day and asked me to drive as fast as (legally) possible because he was running late.

My Car’s Issues Testing The Test Taker

I drove as fast as I was allowed, but when we were almost there, I pressed on the gas pedal only for the car to begin losing speed. This was the worst time for this to happen considering the urgency of the situation. I kept on pressing the pedal hoping it would respond before my passenger noticed, but still nothing. Then the back panel of the car began flapping with the glass rattling. It was then he noticed something was going on because it felt like we were in a possessed vehicle lol.

In the end, the car came to a full stop and my passenger was pretty upset. Luckily, he was able to find another ride to his destination. I hope he made it on time. I don’t know what would have happened if he missed the test because of my car issues.

The annoying thing about these issues is that I have taken my car to the dealership more times than I can count. It seems like they have no solution to this because they have tried various ways of resolving it without success. They even changed the back panel, but it continued to rattle. During winter time I noticed it stopped shaking, but as soon as it was warm again it began to rattle once more.

I remember that the first time I took the car in last year, they said the transmission of the HRV model is different from other vehicles which is why the car slows down. In other words, having my car reduce speed when I press the gas pedal is a norm with HRV right?

At this point, I don’t even expect much from the car anymore. If I’m able to, I’d get rid of it faster than I could blink.
Disappointed in Downey

2019 Honda HRV


Getting Rid Of Your Car Comes Easy With Lemon Law

Dear Disappointed,

I’m sorry to hear about your predicament, especially since your dealership also seems clueless about the issue, although repeated car problems aren’t typically the fault of the dealership. It is usually the fault of the manufacturers who built a defective vehicle in the first place. All the dealer can do is try to manage the issue and replace any defective parts. In your case, it seems like your dealer is not competent enough to make the necessary repairs.

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Lemon Law Eligibility

With that said, lemon owners like you become eligible for lemon law cases when they have gone to the dealership at least two times to repair the same issue. Visiting the dealer 3 times or more also qualifies you for a lemon law case. Now, since you have visited the dealership several times within your manufacturer’s warranty for the same issue, you likely qualify.

These issues are quite common with Honda vehicles. It usually begins with minor engine issues and over time ends up as major engine or transmission problems. Since it’s happening so soon in the car’s life, there’s a higher chance that the issues will multiply and worsen over time. Considering how low your car’s mileage is, you shouldn’t be experiencing any of these issues.

This is why building a good lemon case is important. Lemon law allows victims of defective vehicles to get the compensation they deserve. Under this law, there are two popular options available to every lemon owner. You and your attorney will choose one depending on your preference.

Settlement Options

The first option is called the buyback offer. The buyback means that the automakers pay you back for the defective vehicle. They also pay you for everything you have spent on your vehicle. This includes your down payment and your monthly payments, your taxes and interest. In the end, you get a refund of all that you have paid for the vehicle.

The second option available to you as a lemon owner is the cash and keep. This option allows you to receive cash compensation from the manufacturers for the issues you are having while letting you keep the vehicle. With this, your warranty remains valid and will not get voided or canceled. Also, you’re able to sell the vehicle without labeling it a lemon to the next owner.

Find out more about the Honda Lemon Law buyback process, its mechanics, qualifications, covered models, reported issues, and your legal options.


Lemon Law Tips

Furthermore, since you mentioned that you purchased your vehicle in California, there is some good news for you. In California, lemon law cases are usually taken on contingency, meaning you are not required to pay the attorney fees whether you win or lose the case. Usually, the law firm’s bills get settled by the manufacturer. As a result, 100% of the original settlement will be going over to you.

To get started on your lemon law case, all you need to do is contact a lemon law attorney. They’ll instruct you to submit the necessary documents such as purchase order, repair order, etc. to process your case. While your case is in the works, it is Important to visit the dealer if you have any issues with the car. This is because the more you visit the dealer due to a fault, the more compensation you can expect.

Start gathering your documentation now and reach out to an experienced lemon law attorney when you’re ready. If you need more clarification, they’ll be happy to help. Best of luck!



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