My 2019 GMC Sierra Is Driving Me Nuts



By Suzanne Henderson
LETTER 110 – April 2023 | Affected

Dear Suzanne, 

When I got my 2019 GMC Sierra, I thought it would be the answer to all my prayers. With its shiny exterior and interior design, I couldn’t have asked for more. Or so I thought.

I purchased this truck certified pre-owned with 8,000 miles on it, which I considered semi-new. Now, my truck has just over 21,000 miles, and I’ve taken it in at least 4 times for different problems, including faulty electrical systems, noisy transmission, and squeaky brakes. All these issues began when the vehicle had only 15,000 miles on it. Here’s one problem that particularly stands out.

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Faulty Headlights

One day, I stayed late at work and left for home after dark. On my way, the car headlights suddenly went off without any warning on the dashboard. Since the road to my house is a little lonely and it was already dark, I was close to panicking.

I tried restarting the engine, but the headlights still wouldn’t come on. I thought of abandoning the car but decided to try one last time. I said a prayer, turned over the engine, and the headlights finally worked.

Transmission Noise

But that wasn’t the end of my problems. A few minutes from home, I began to hear a thumping noise coming from the transmission every time I hit the brakes. The vehicle also experienced delayed acceleration and started losing power. Despite this, I managed to drive my truck home before it finally lost power.

I told the GMC dealership what happened, and they picked up my truck. But after about two days, they said they couldn’t figure out the problem. This has been the case with most of the issues I’ve had with my truck.

Squeaky Brakes

I’ve also noticed other issues, like the squeaky brakes. Each time I complain, the dealership has one excuse or another, and they still haven’t fixed it. The brake pads are only about 10% good, and I hope no accidents happen as a result.

I think some of these issues have been there for a while, but I didn’t notice because I usually drive my work van. It’s only recently that I started using the truck more actively, and it’s been driving me nuts. I need an escape from it. What options do I have?


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You May Be Eligible For Lemon Law

Dear Affected, 

It sounds like you might have a good case for your car problems. Your lawyer can help you with this. To have a lemon law case, you usually need to visit the dealership at least two times for the same issues, or have three or more repairs done for different problems. All of this must happen while the truck is still under warranty.

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Since you bought your vehicle in California, the lemon law can help you. The law says that the car makers will pay the lawyers, so you don’t have to pay anything. This means that any money you get is all yours.

Certified Pre-Owned

A certified pre-owned car means that the dealership checked the car and made sure it’s okay. They also give you a longer warranty. If your car is used and not certified, there’s no guarantee that it will work well. To use the California lemon law, your car must be new or certified pre-owned.

If your car is eligible, you’ll need to gather important papers like repair orders and invoices. If you have more car problems while your case is happening, you can still get repairs. Just make sure to keep the repair orders.

Settlement Options

There are a couple of choices for you since your car has low miles. You can choose:

The buyback option is when the car makers buy the car back from you. They pay you back for everything you’ve spent on the car, like monthly payments, down payment, and taxes and interest. They also pay back any loan you have on the car. The car makers can charge you for the miles you drove the car without problems, but your lawyer might be able to get them to lower this fee. More information about the GMC Lemon Law buyback process here.

The cash and keep option is when the car makers give you money to say sorry for the car problems. You keep the car and the warranty stays the same. If you sell the car later, you don’t have to say it’s a lemon.

No Legal Fees

You can talk to your lawyer about what choice is best for you. It’s a good idea not to tell the dealership that you’re suing the car makers. They might not give you the papers you need if they know.

The good thing about buying your car in California is that the state is very friendly to customers. You don’t have to pay any lawyer fees because the car makers pay them. This means that all the money you get from the case is yours. If you have questions about the lemon law, you can ask your lawyer.

PS. The GMC brand is owned by the General Motors Company (GM). Find out more about the General Motors Lemon Law buyback process, its mechanics, qualifications, covered models, reported issues, and your legal options.

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Free Legal Advice About Your 2019 GMC Sierra Lemon Law Claim

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